Info Product Marketing: How to Turn One Product Into Multiple Offers

Offering your clients and prospects a selection of opportunities to say “yes” is a great way to hear more…well, Yeses in your business. Including info products into your offerings is a fabulous way to be able to help more people and increase your client conversion. But after you’ve created an info product, infos-live there’s no reason to stop there. You can take the content that you already created for your information product and “re-purpose” it into additional offers or “Yeses.”

To get you moving with this, thermn here are three ways to turn an info product into brand new offers:

1Membership Programs and E-Courses

By taking the content from your information product and breaking it down into smaller, bite-sized portions, you can instantly create a new membership program or e-course. Simply set up an email marketing account like Aweber or Constant Contact and “drip” the content to your clients via automated emails delivered at specific intervals. This is a great way for clients to keep from being overwhelmed and still have the same great information that you compiled in your info product. bantal togel

2. Live Workshops

The outline that you used to create your information product can guide you through an interactive, live workshop that you can do in your own town. There are plenty of churches, ufabetulinolm7 associations and community centers looking for people like you to share valuable content with their members. Just reach out and ask if you can help. At the end of the workshop you can offer your product to those who want to continue working with the material you covered during the live event.

3. Group Coaching and Training aniioki

This is a fantastic way to create higher end offers for your marketplace using the same content from your info product. Let’s say that you have an eBook or audio product on “5 Simple Steps to Finding Your Soul Mate.” You can easily create a group coaching or training program that works with clients all wallamag over the world by sharing the content live via teleconference line. This can be a 6 week course with a “prep” call and the 5 main steps covered during the following calls. Include a little time for Q&A at the end of each call and you have a very valuable resource for your marketplace. ufabettom7

There are many other ways to “re-purpose” your info products into additional offers for your clients and prospects, but these are three of my favorites. Lifeservicehub



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