The Beauty of Pet Portraits

A golden rule that most artists don’t seem to adhere to is “Never work with children or animals”. But what do you do if your preference is to draw animals? Animals, like children, rarely stay still long enough for you to complete a work of art. If the most likely problem arises, that you can’t get you’re pet to stay still long enough for the artist to complete the drawing or painting, you do have alternatives.

Picture Perfect

If you are like many pet owners, you probably take as many pictures of your pets as you do of your kids. Take a look through your current stash of pet photos and see if there is anything there that you think could be transferred to a nice portrait. You may want to choose a few so that the artist can decide which one will make the best portrait. Pet Portraits Don’t look for perfection. If the artist is good, he or she can make the changes that you want to improve the drawing or painting. Besides, don’t you agree that a little imperfection makes for better portraits, and a better representation of your unique pet?

Photo to Art

Most artists these days prefer to draw or paint the portrait from a photograph. They don’t need to worry about getting it done before the pet gets bored and moves. There’s no need to rush.

You can choose to have the piece of art done with the pet only, or you can choose to have the background of the photo included, or maybe even a background that you or the artist suggests. Anything goes – after all, it is your pet portrait and it should be done to match your style and décor.

Type of Pet Portraits

Here’s where another choice comes in. Do you want a pencil pet portrait, a colored pet portrait, a painting – acrylic or watercolor, or charcoal?

So many choices…

Of course, whichever method you choose, the cost won’t be the same. For example, a pencil drawing without a background will cost much less than a full-color painting, but it will be just as nice.

Pet portraits are the perfect way to immortalize your pet. Just make sure that you know that the artist you choose is good at their craft, and draws in a style that you like. You don’t want to pay for pet portraits that you won’t be happy with forever.

Melissa Paige of M. Paige Portraits [], is an established pet portraits artist. She specializes in pencil drawings – including color. She has extensive experience with dog pet portraits, cat portraits, horses, and many other animals.

It was her love of art and animals that got her started on her journey in pet portraits. Her love is so great that she regularly donates a portion of her proceeds to various pet rescue groups worldwide.



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