Motor Scooters – Is There One in Your Future?

$4.00 Per Gallon Gas Prices May Look Good, Someday.
How to Get From Here to There and Not Go Broke

Will our Nation ever reach a time when $4.00 per gallon seems reasonable? It could happen and soon according to many prognosticators on gas prices. Gas in Japan is over $8.50 per gallon today. How do you think they would feel about $4.00 per gallon? niceasicminer

One popular and environmentally friendly idea is to evaluate your daily travel requirements and transfer as many of your safe (limited traffic) errands riding a gas or electric powered motor scooter. At eighty to one hundred miles per gallon, you can stretch your fuel dollar by 500 using a gas motor scooter.

Electric scooters are even less expensive and more eco-friendly to operate, but you must be aware of the length of your trip. You probably want to do your four hours of recharging at home. Electric scooters have a range of fifteen to twenty miles on a charge. japanoutboardmotor

Beside, riding a motor scooter can be a lot of fun. Be safe, evaluate the traffic element, staying away from highways and busy main streets, and remember the days of your youth when you always wanted to ride a scooter. The time has arrived, again. Lastly, be kind and smile at the driver in the car beside you, he’s probably suffering from gas pains. promote



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