Baby Teether Bibs and Blankets – Calming Relief For the Teething Baby

Have you ever encountered a fussy baby? Sure, we all have. There are many reasons for a baby to be uncomfortable. He can be in need of food, in need of a diaper change, in need of a burping, or even in need of a change in position (such as sitting up, lying down, cuddling, hugging, or just being held).

After the first three months of colic and getting used the the baby’s habits, there comes another stage of discomfort called teething. A baby will normally begin getting his first teeth anytime between six and eight months of age. The gums will begin to swell and cause the child to be very uncomfortable. He will likely cry a lot, try biting on things, and drool from the mouth. Sometimes a baby will also grab at his ears when something is not quite right. But before the new parents just assume that this is all due to teething, they should have the baby’s health checked by a physician to make sure that nothing else is wrong with the child. The grabbing at the ears can sometimes mean an ear infection. teething bibs

Once the parent determines that the baby is healthy and actually is beginning to cut teeth, there are some things that can be done to make the little one more comfortable. The biting instinct puts pressure on the swollen gum’s and eases the pain. That’s probably the same reason puppies are so prone to chew on everything they find. The baby needs something hard to bite on. I’ve even had little ones clamp down pretty darn hard on my fingers. A teething ring is the most popular item to fulfill that need to bite. Most teethers have a textured, rubbery, rounded surface to prevent poking and scratching the baby. Some teething rings are water filled and can be put in the freezer. The icy cold feeling numbs the gum’s and gives the baby relief.

The teething “drool” is prevalent in babies because they aren’t accustomed to swallowing their saliva like we do. The drooling can cause problems if it’s not taken care of. A baby’s chest and neck can get soaking wet and cause a bad rash if left unattended. Many mothers put a teething bib on the child to keep him dry. An infant’s wet clothing should be changed in a timely fashion. The baby’s skin should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth to absorb the moisture. Tissues sometimes irritate the tender skin even more. Petroleum jelly or a similar ointment is a good protective agent against a sore chin, face, chest, and neck.

Normally, the two middle bottom teeth are the first that a baby will get. After a few weeks the top front teeth will appear. Even though the baby is tiny, these new teeth need cleaning with a very soft brush or wet cloth to remove plaque from around them and the gums. Just using water will do fine, as regular toothpaste should not be used with an infant. is a website that has a variety of unique, colorful, soft cotton, animated bibs and travel blankets that have “built in” teethers. The teethers are cleverly integrated into the features of animals such as fins, wings, braids, and even tongues. These bibs and blankets make a good matching pair for a perfectly beautiful and useful baby gift that will be greatly appreciated at “teething time”.



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