How to Become a Certified Risk Manager

Since risk management has grown into a progressively well-liked career option for new business professionals, a variety of qualified training programs have become available. To become a certified, learners can consider acquiring a formalized certification or take a university program catered to obtaining a degree or diploma.

At this time there are two key certifications that a majority of professionals can decide from. These certifications along with several training courses are laid out down below.

The first one is The Project Management Institute, Risk Management Professional certification. This certification is likely one of the top certifications available. If you would like to possess this certification, you will need to meet the standards outlined in the next paragraphs. diploma of security and risk management

You need a four year degree, and must have no less than three thousand hours of experience in project risk management and thirty hours of related education. You may as well attain your PMI-RMP through a two year college diploma with at the very least 4,500 hours of related experience and 40 hours of related education.

As soon as you obtain the above prerequisites, you are required to write a one hundred and seventy question multiple choice exam to attain the PMI-RMP certification. This examination is not easy and we strongly suggest signing up for a formal training course which can help you gain the knowledge you need. Classes can be completed through local technical schools, community colleges or online.

The other certification is The Institute of Risk Management’s International Certificate in Risk Management. This certification is predominately a European targeted risk certification. The CIRM got its start from the ISO31000 risk management process and it is growing in reputation world wide. In order to receive this certification you have got to enroll in a 6 to 9 month course. Currently there are no formal education requirements; nevertheless, it’s advocated that the certification be supplementary to a 4 year degree or a technical diploma. Afterwards, you are required to take two exams and pass with a 60% or higher grade.

Finally, The IRM also offers a two year diploma as another option. Becoming certified is becoming increasingly more common today. Both IRM and PMI offer excellent certification possibilities. We can’t help but recommend that you look at obtaining a formal certification soon. It can help you advance in your career, increase your value to your company, provide more job security and earn higher pay over the long run.



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