Harness Home Solar Power For a Better Environment

A recent study estimated that 86% of our energy was generated from fossil fuels: Oil, Coal & Natural Gas. The burning of fossil fuels has output huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which has contributed to global warming. Fossil fuels are also Non-Renewable sources of energy – eventually they will run out. This means that as a human race we MUST look to alternative renewable sources of energy for the future. haltonmachining

The three main viable sources of renewable energy are:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Hydroelectric

All three can be effective power sources given the right conditions and many Forward thinking people have implemented at least one of those systems in their homes to reduce the energy demand on fossil fuels.For most people looking to build a renewable energy system for their home Solar Power will  be the best choice because sunlight is more readily available than a steady supply of wind or water.  wrdesignprint 

Any electricity you generate translates to savings in your electricity bill. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic cells and are continually improving in efficiency. There is unlimited energy being emitted from the sun so it makes sense that we should harness it especially if no pollution is produced.

Traditionally solar power systems have been quite expensive to install (thousands of dollars) and it can take years before you see cost savings on you energy bill.  More recently however it has become possible to source solar cells & panels much more cheaply from second hand sources.  With the right information & some basic DIY skills it really is possible for you to build your own panels with huge savings. You will be helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and also realise large savings on your electricity bill within weeks or months.

“How do I make my own solar electricity?” you may ask.  The answer is for you to source the components cheaply from various sources and assemble them together yourself.  You will need to obtain the following:

  • Cheap solar panels or PV Cells
  • Connection wire & soldering iron
  • Plywood backing & flexiglass
  • 12V Battery(ies)
  • Charge controller & inverter

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about these items or their purpose – there are are several good sources available on the internet that explain this to you in great detail.  All you need to succeed is the following:

Once you install your system you will have a great sense of achievement as well as the knowledge that you have really helped build a more sustainable future. 

If you want to learn more we recommend you investigate the best available guides here [http://www.myrenewablehome.info/myrenewablehome/articles/homesolar_a4_solarenvironment.htm] that give you all the specific details from start to finish and include training videos. You can also pick up your FREE solar power consumer guide at



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