Carnival Cruise Discount Strategies

Getting a Carnival cruise discount has gotten easier and now may be the best time ever to take a Carnival cruise vacation. Recently the cruise industry has overbuilt cruise ships leaving empty rooms that need to be filled on almost every sailing. Follow these simple strategies to get the best cruise discount. cruise booking

Strategy One: Last minute booking.

Contrary to popular opinion, waiting until the last minute to get a Carnival cruise discount may not be the best way to save money on your cruise. Yes, last minute fares can be greatly reduced but they usually fill up fast sometimes within a matter of hours. If you use this strategy jump on the fare as soon as you see it. Waiting, sometimes only minutes, can mean that the rooms are taken and you lose out. Also realize that with a last minute booking, unless you live right near the cruise port, you will also have to line up airfare at the last minute which may be costly. theprerollguys

Strategy Two: Book Early.

Booking early may be the best outright way to get a Carnival cruise discount. This type of booking is better known as the “early saver” fare. If you know eight to ten months or more in advance of when you want to cruise, looking for an early saver fare can yield great results. Often these fares will yield discounts of thirty, forty or even fifty percent off the advertised price . Note that when booking the early saver fare the deposit is not refundable. meridianshrooms

Strategy Three: Special Discounts.

Carnival offers various discounts to certain groups of people. If you have cruised with Carnival in the past you may be entitled to a Carnival cruise discount. Like wise seniors, military, and large groups may receive discounts. Even certain professions may be offered a discount (firefighters, law enforcement). If you don’t see a discount advertised that will cover you, always call and ask a cruise booking representative if there are any. You may be surprised just how many people are covered. slot gator

Strategy Four: Off Season Deals 

Cruising during the off season is also a great way to save money on your cruise fare. If you are cruising to the Caribbean you will find these fares in the fall of the year and just before and after the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). Also just before and after spring break is a great time to get a cruise discount. universalblogs



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