Important Qualities Employers Desire In Temporary Workers

Whether you are looking at temporary work to help pay some bills or just in between jobs, you’ll need certain skill sets to find a good temporary position. I’ve outlined the main qualities that employers desire in temps:

1) Great computer skills

Temps are often called upon to use basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel to create word processing documents and spreadsheets. Depending on the company or industry, they may also be asked to create PowerPoint presentations. In creating databases, presentations, mailing lists, and so on it becomes important to know how to use different computer programs. Hence, it’s in your best interest to develop these software skill sets so you can list them on your resume and discuss them in your interview. You should be equally comfortable with email programs and internet search engines. drivingschoolintoronto

2) Good writing skills

A temp worker may be thrown into any number of tasks, from writing web copy to proofreading a manuscript to creating a brochure to desktop-publishing an office memo. As such, it is essential for you to be able to do any of the above with equal facility. Good writing skills are very helpful and will add value to most projects, making you a desirable candidate for a temp position. Cultivate your writing ability through practice and lots of reading

3) Strong phone skills

Temps are often in charge of answering phones and directing calls, and therefore you must be ready to deal with customers and clients over the phone. A pleasant phone personality is a desirable quality; you can display yours to potential employees in your own phone conversations with them. Speak clearly, enunciate, be direct and remember always to be unfailingly polite. Take accurate notes and be sure to write down phone messages diligently. Employ your best customer-is-always-right attitude so that the callers come away from their interactions with you with a positive experience. temp-mail

In general, flexibility and a good attitude are key components of a successful temporary employment application. You will be likely to find a decent temp position quickly if you can show the employer that you’re a team player ready to help out wherever and whenever your help is needed! It’s also important to maintain a positive attitude even in the face of disappointment – who can’t have a positive attitude when everything is going well and moving smoothly? And never forget the six P’s. Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Particularly, Poor, Performance.



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