Time and Knowledge – Let’s Philosophize

If I were to ask you to make a connection between time and knowledge, what might come to your mind? Perhaps you might say that incremental knowledge expands over a period of time. That’s true enough, but then there are the breakthroughs so incremental increases in knowledge are not perfectly linear. However they can be graphed over time, even if innovation comes in spurts. knowledgehype

Ray Kurzweil from the Singularity Institute at Stanford has explained that he cannot predict when any particular breakthrough will occur, only that they will, and those breakthroughs will advance society, or industry at a relatively predictable uptick. Okay so, let’s add another dimension to this conversation and take it to a higher level if you have a few moments. gossipcare

The other day, I read one of Bhekuzulu Khumalo research papers; “The Variable Time: Crucial to Understanding Knowledge Economics,” which discusses the importance of knowledge to a society or civilization and the speed at which it accelerates and innovates. Those societies with greater respect for knowledge, and better education tend to innovate much faster. The author uses the analogy of Einstein’s theory of relativity where two twins are traveling at different speeds, and one twin comes back an old man, in relative terms he’s experienced more time.

In this analogy, you can see how innovation and forward progression is accelerated in societies that value education and knowledge. That was the author’s main point. Now then, we could also make an assumption that if we took all the most brilliant people and got them out of Dodge from the mundaneness of petty politics and away from the lowest IQ of the population, and if we tucked them away but also with all the knowledge (Internet) and support services, we could hype-drive “time” so-to-speak (using the above allegory as a basis) and move the forward progression of mankind to unbelievable innovation relatively quickly.

Further, it’s not just the knowledge, but the synthesizing of it, which comes with the ability of the creative genius mind (possessed by only a few) or a close replica AI version non-organic copy based on the same. If you took a group of folks at this level and let’s say put them at the South Pole, Los Alamos, or some undisclosed location and they had all the support, they could prove his model beyond our wildest dreams. Who would fund it? Well, what powers that be in their right minds wouldn’t? For more info please visite Here:- odorix

Is there a way to speed up innovation and knowledge? What if we dumped the debris and dissolution of data along with all the irrelevant Internet information? What if we took only those individuals putting out original thought, or had access and experience being the top 1% in their industry, area of academia, or science? What if all those individuals were freed from irrelevancy? Well, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.



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