The Healing Effects of Acupressure to Quit Your Smoking Habit

The remedial attributes of the earliest Chinese expertise of acupressure or shiatsu have been praised since ages. In the recent past, it has established itself as a helpful means for smokers to give up their addiction. There are specific acupressure points on the skin that can be triggered to stimulate the energy peaks in the body, bunnydirectories thereby propelling augmented flow of energy and promoting the body’s natural abilities of curing on its own. When applying shiatsu to stop smoking, a number of pressure points are considered to aid you in relinquishing the cigarettes conclusively.

Start the process by stimulating the ‘Letting Go’ point. Situated under the collarbone equaling the width of three fingers and alongside the bone of the higher arm, this letting go point can be awakened with mild pressure. Exert a reasonable amount of pressure but not sufficient to induce pain. Maintain the pressure for 10-15 seconds and respire profoundly.

Put the palm of your hand over the ankle bone. When you have calculated the width of one palm upward from the crest of the ankle, on the backside of the shin bone, you have discovered one more potent point for acupressure. With the help of your fingertip, apply pressure with full force, but not agonizingly into the point. It must be maintained in the same state for 15- 30 seconds.

Calculate the width of a palm underneath the base edge of the knee pan. Have a feeling of the area to a small extent, and you will detect an innate hollow between the muscle of leg and shinbone. This particular point must also be roused applying a relaxing amount of force with the tip of a finger for more or less 15-30 seconds. For more info please visit these sites:-

Place your fingertip in the crimp of your elbow joint. You can find an acupressure point on the side of the crimp which is in a row with the thumb of that hand. Then, force can be applied for a maximum of 30 seconds.

You can place your fingertip precisely under your chest bone in the middle. This is the abdominal nerve plexus region and proves to be a highly potent position in alternative remedy. Rouse this position using your fingers. Exert a reasonable amount of pain-free pressure for 15-30 seconds.

Do not carry out acupressure if you suffer from a heart disorder or become pregnant. Prior to its use, you must take a minimum break of 20 minutes after exercising, consuming heavy meals, and taking a bath or shower.



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