Get Your Mom a Cruise for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day shopping just got easier. Now you can give your mom memories she’ll cherish forever by giving her the gift of a cruise–with you and the family. Cruises are popular, affordable, and fun, book a cruise and they make a great get-away for families who want to spend a little more time together (and let somebody else do the cooking and cleaning!)

A cruise is best considered as an all-in-one vacation package. If you want to compare prices, remember that your cruise fare includes your accommodations, all meals, transportation and entertainment (on-board shows). Room service, a pricy luxury on-land, is free round the clock on most cruises. It does not include alcohol, special amenities (like spa services or casino gambling), or shore excursions, which are optional.

One other factor that influences the total price: you have to get to port city on your own dime, too.

Giving your mother a cruise vacation is a great idea because it is not only an inclusive vacation that most people really enjoy (most people who cruise once become fans and cruise again), it is also a very easy way for you to set up a family get-together or reunion. These group cruises are increasingly popular and most cruise lines encourage them.

In fact, calling a cruise line representative is a good step to see what a particular cruise might be able to offer you for a group package.

There are four ways to give your mom the present of a cruise vacation.

The first method is to let your mother pick out the cruise vacation she wants and then let you come back and buy it for her. This is a bit complicated logistically since there are many cruise lines with many more offerings, and there is no “gift card” option that will let her shop around. About the best gift card you can get is one through a credit card which all major cruise lines accept. The problem with that is that cruise packages can vary a lot in price. Another way to give her this kind of gift is to offer to pay for the cruise she picks out–but your mom might spend more or less than you’d like!

The second choice is that you can be bold and pick a cruise for your mom, pay for it, and give it to her.

Cruises have the “Noah’s Ark Syndrome,” which mean they want everyone to get in the boat by pairs. Cruise fares are always stated for double occupancy (although you can make arrangements to sleep three or four to a state room, too). Besides, cruising alone is no fun. So book your parents a cruise or, if your mom is alone, get her a cruise with a family member or friend. For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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The third method of getting a cruise for Mother’s Day is a fabulous idea. You pick the cruise and buy it, only you go along with her. Depending on your family structure, it may be just you and your mom or it might be several couples (parents, you and your spouse, maybe a sibling and spouse and so on). These are fabulous adventures and a gift that everyone will always remember. Cruising in a group heightens the enjoyment. Your family can dine together, explore the ports together, take in shows or stroll the ship together, all while somebody else cooks, cleans up, and drives!



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