How To Save Fuel, Go Green By Running Car On Water

More than 70% of this planet Earth where we live ketodietposts on is comprised of water. We have always used and continue to use for different reasons but now scientific advancement has led to the discovery that fuel can be made from water as well and it is potent enough to run your vehicle. You now have the opportunity to run car on water.

Water as we all know have the power to generate energy but obviously you did not know that it can be used to drive vehicles. So now you can run your car on water. All you need to do is to understand the secret behind it.

It is a fact that hydro-electric power and the legalsolid pictures of a huge dam are all that comes to our mind when we consider the terms water and energy in the same sentence but water can be used to provide energy is ways other than the traditional ones.

We all know that water is composed of two hydrogen valorantis atoms and one oxygen atom. There is a compound similar to water and surely it is made from water itself and it is called the oxy-hydrogen. This oxy-hydrogen having the same molecular composition can be formed from water with the help of electrolysis. This oxy-hydrogen is though made from water has the unique property of being in the gaseous state at room temperatures while water is a liquid under the same conditions.

This oxy-hydrogen when combined with gasoline gamerdidi can be used to power vehicles. This does not only help you to save on fuel but also increase mileage and it has been proved after a number of tests.

The oxy-hydrogen has always found its use in the metallurgical industries where it is frequently used to melding glass, metal and other objects. But the idea if running cars on water is a novel one and is yet to be done commercially.

The reason for this being kept a secret is fairly basketoffers easy to comprehend. There are many countries all around the world which have become rich by selling oil. Truly many such oil producing nations has only one source of income. Typically the Middle Eastern countries which are blessed with the reserves of oil are the ones which have the capability of selling oil all around the world. If news like this was to break out then it will bring down the gasoline requirement all around the world and many lastgain well established economies will come crashing down.

It is necessary to understand that this compound alone cannot help you to run your vehicles because of the high amount of electricity required so it must be a combination of the gasoline and the water. But still you will be requiring less amount of petrol for obvious reasons. This fact about the mileage increasing is also a tried and tested result.



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